Feeling Established in a New City.

I’ve done a lot of moving in my day. Every time, no matter how far, it is hard. The actual moving things is hard and the figuring out life in a new place is especially hard. I moved again at the end of last year and started to think about the tips I’ve picked up along the way that make transition a bit easier. Here they are, for you!

1. Do all the doctors appointments.

  • Finding new doctors is not fun, but I have found that the faster I do it, the more quickly I feel at home. Find every sort of doctor that you need and set up appointments. Do not wait until you need them. Do it as soon as you can to help you feel settled and secure.

2. Find your grocery store.

  • This one is easy. Find your grocery store. I don’t necessarily mean find the closest one. Find the one that you love. Find the store where the people are friendly and they sell your favorite salsa. Find one where the cashiers will smile at you and give you a sincere “hello” because if you’re alone in a new place, kindness will be something you cherish.

3. Get in a routine – and quickly.

  • I am a textbook extrovert. I get my energy from being around other people and through doing meaningful things with my time. For the first year that I was in Atlanta, I had a Saturday routine. I would get up, have breakfast, workout and/or spend some time with the pool and then walk around a nearby mall. Every week. The routine helped me to feel established and like I was able to fill my time.

4. Put your energy into creating your space.

  • I used to think that I was uniquely impacted by my environments, but I think we all are to varying degrees. Spend time and any money that you can to make your living arrangement comfortable and homey. Create a space that you are happy to come home to and that you are glad to spend Saturdays lounging in because, likely, there will be a few of those with no plans for awhile.

5. Don’t go to the same restaurant twice.

  • I really like to eat out. I’ve found that, not only is it fun, but also helpful for transition to not eat at the same new restaurant twice for a while. Trying new restaurants and taking recommendations from others can help you get the lay of the land in your new neighborhood. And who knows…maybe those that recommend to you will want to join!

What would you add? I hope these can be helpful to you as you begin life in a new place!




.photo taken from this site.